I'm the female version of Ron Swanson.
I got a degree so I could read and write.
I bake and I binge watch television.
That's all you need to know.

Quick, how do you define the difference between trouble and mischief?

There is a shipwreck between your ribs. You are a box with
fragile written on it, and so many people have not handled you
with care.

And for the first time, I understand that I will never know
how to apologize for being
one of them.


when i give you a song to listen to, listen to the lyrics. drown yourself in the sound and study the song. it’s all the words i wish I could tell you 

If I ever decide to go on and do something crazy like get my doctorate I know exactly what I’ll write my thesis on.

Here’s a spoiler: women are still portrayed as weaklings in almost everything I’ve read lately, especially on YA lit.

Matilda (1996), dir. Danny DeVito

I was told the girl of my dreams
would have stars in her eyes
and when I looked,
I would see her soul
mirrored in a thousand suns radiating light.

I am so glad they were wrong.
I’ve been burning for so long
that I don’t need more fire.
I need the ocean. I need the waves.
I need the blue bliss
and currents pulling me into forever.
I am so glad that your eyes quench me, devour me,
swallow me whole and spit me out,
Wet and salty,
a happy man that will live
a few years longer.

But I won’t tell you this.
Because you don’t know how long I’ve been burning
and I don’t know if you’d want to let me swim in you forever.
I’ll just say you are beautiful
and your eyes sparkle oh such a majestic blue
because you deserve everything
and I don’t know if that’s me.

Elzaro | 25th December 2013

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Then, Eowyn of Rohan, I say to you that you are beautiful. In the valleys of our hills there are flowers fair and bright, and maidens fairer still; but neither flower nor lady have I seen till now in Gondor so lovely, and so sorrowful. It may be that only a few days are left ere darkness falls upon our world, and when it comes I hope to face it steadily; but it would ease my heart, if while the Sun yet shines, I could see you still.

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King

Because LOTR love is the best kind. 

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"I’ve never kissed a man with a bead before," 
she said through her nervous laugh. 
"Neither have I", he quipped back. 
He leaned into her,
not like a tree swaying in wind, 
but heavy with purpose, 
pressed his lips against hers,
all the while acutely aware that
his beard would tickle her skin. 

"There, that wasn’t so bad, 
was it?”

19 things I learned before I turned 19:

1. people are not like you. they don’t all have the same beliefs, values, and ideas as you. don’t be surprised when they don’t act the way you would have.

2. be who you are. you’ll never feel good otherwise. and if people don’t like you, they’re not worth having as friends anyway.

3. write often. putting your thoughts on paper helps you untangle and understand them. write for clarity, write with purpose, write for fun.

4. know the power of your words, they leave scars deeper than any wound. think about the effect your words will have on someone, and for how long.

5. the future is scary, yes, but it is also unpredictable. don’t spend a lot of time worrying about it.

6. spend time letting the ones you love know it. you never know what could happen and it’s always nice to know you’re cared about.

7. things are constantly changing and the world doesn’t stop for anyone. don’t insist on standing in one place. embrace change as it comes your way.

8. surround yourself with different types of people. the person least like you could be the one who shows you a part of you that you never knew existed. others can help you learn about yourself.

9. love yourself. even on your worst days. there’s plenty of people ready to drag you down, you don’t need to be one of them.

10. if you find yourself spending nights hating your life, go to bed. no ones life looks good at 2am and chances are things will be brighter in the morning.

11. there are no mistakes only lessons learned. instead of harping on the bad decision spend your energy preventing it from happening again or taking something positive away.

12. be the kind of friend you want to have. small gestures mean the world to someone going through a tough time and being there for someone at 2am will never be forgotten.

13. stop waiting. if you want something, go after it. now. not this weekend, next month, or next year. you’ll only be fulfilled when you’re working towards what matters to you.

14. true friends are very hard to come by. society and self interest have ruined the meaning of friendship and many people don’t know how to be real friends anymore. if you come across one hold them tight and never let go.

15. forgive. holding a grudge only hurts you, not the person who wronged you.

16. no one owes you anything and there are no shortcuts in life. work hard, and when you think you’re working hard, work harder. your success is in your hands.

17. God is the best companion you will ever have. no one else will listen to you rant endlessly and instantly forgive you every time you do something wrong. he is your strength, light, and comfort. lean on him.

18. there is no code to life. it’s not a formula and doesn’t come with a rule book. winning at life means being happy and being happy means doing what you love, not what society tells you to do.

19. look for the good in every day. spend your time being happy and positive. roll with the punches and don’t let anything keep you down. life will be more enjoyable that way.

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